Anonymous asked:
You still playing. You know how long I've been waiting for the D. Really Daddy. Really. You don't make brown girls wait. Got me all fucked up. My roti isn't even round anymore. Smdh. 😒

I’m sorry 😉

Anonymous asked:
A female with an ass for dayyyssss who can't front, I'm feeling you. 👌😍 How you gonna reblog a gif saying give her the D but nobody knows what it looks like?!?! Lol In my opinion, you're at least 8-9 inches, if not bigger. I'd love to see your anaconda and taste your venom, if you know what I mean 😏😉😉😉😏😍❤️ See you at midnight with your fine self! Make my pussy quiver 👌

Like one of my pics of me if you about it

Anonymous asked:
I cannot imagine you having a small dick tbfh. You look like the type who has a massive cock and knows how to punish a female when necessary 😏😉 Would love to see it someday! Whether it's a late night pic that gets deleted or the real deal! Keep it hard for me big boy 😘💋❤️ I'll stay wet for you 😍

Who are you lol

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